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Confide In You
7-Day Program

This program was created for the goddess who holds the desire to dive deeper into her divine feminine energy through movement and healing. Within this program you find a plethora of resources that allows you to strengthen the relationship with yourself through affirmations, movement, mindfulness exercises and so much more. The intention of this program is for you to realign and awaken your goddess energy to take that vibration and apply it to every area in your life. 

The inspiration behind our Confide In You 7-Day Divine Goddess Program was birthed from a series of moments on many different occasions in our Confidence Builds In Heels classes. We’d see many women showing up to class and having that moment to confide in themselves but struggled to maintain that energy when she would return to her everyday life in the outside world. 


The entire intention of this program has been designed to allow you to take your power back, build a deeper relationship with yourself while healing and having fun. The tools and resources within this program is sure to help you with the following:


✔️Release emotions that are stored in your body and blocking your blessings
✔️Deepen your connection with yourself 

✔️Sharpen your movement skills 

✔️Take your time, energy and overall life back 

✔️Increase your self-confidence 

✔️Activate your goddess feminine energy 

✔️Feel deep into your body 

✔️Set new intentions for your life going forward


What is included in the program:


✔️7-Days of never before taught choreography that can be done from the comfort of your home 

✔️7-Days of guided affirmation meditations

✔️General guided stretch warm-up

✔️Step by step video and written tutorials for each day

✔️Resource list of essentials that will allow you to dive deeper into you feminine energy 

✔️Clear neat step by step guide that is easy to navigate

How Does It Work

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