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Mecca Freeman is a choreographer, dancer and entrepreneur. Growing up life was not always a pleasant experience for her due to being raised in poverty-stricken environment within a dysfunctional family. However, that did not stop Mecca from living her life through dance.

Coming from the bottom and evolving into who she is now, Mecca is a firm believer that anyone who wishes to break free from self-defeating behavior can do so with the correct information, strategies and guidance.


She believes that Dance is more than steps on a floor but rather an opportunity for our souls to tell a story.

Mecca currently carries out her mission in empowering others to become the greatest version of themselves though dance and movement.


She is the creator and founder of “Confidence Builds In Heels” A platform that was created to allow others to tell a story though dance while building confidence.


Mecca Freeman 

Choreographer, Dancer, Entrepreneur, CEO of CBIH

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"Don't Allow FEAR To Become The Director of Your Life"

~Mecca Freeman

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CBIH Presents, Off The Floor. An extension of our platform created by our founder Mecca Freeman. Confidence Builds In Heels (CBIH) is the iceberg, think of Off The Floor as the foundation. In CBIH we have created a platform where women are able to step into a room and confide within themselves through movement. Its physical healing. We use movement as a way to confide within ourselves but your confidence does not start nor end there. True confidence and alignment comes from deep within the seat of your soul and that is what Off The Floor is all about. Here in Off The Floor you’ll find tools, programs, resources that allows you to take the same formula we use on the floor and apply it to your everyday life off the floor. The galaxy of Off The Floor contains virtual mediation programs, goal setting programs, healing workshops, one-on-one coaching and much more. Think of it as a healing place, a place where you are able to truly align with who you are at core. We are eager to connect with you “Off The Floor”