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Transforming your life is not hard. What makes it all feel so hard is resisting what is truly meant for you by taking up space within your mind and psyche with endless distractions, self-defeating thoughts and holding in energy that no longer serves you that needs to be released. YOU CAN LIVE THE LIFE THAT YOU DESIRE. Your reality can be whatever you make it. However, to do that the first place you must journey to is within yourself where all change begins.

ARE YOU READY??? Let’s GO!!!

The Q3 Total Life Transformation Program is a 30-Day Program that was designed to unlock your greatest potential in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE. Throughout the 30-Days you will do the following:

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Don't Allow Fear To Be The Director of Your Life

~Mecca Freeman

  • Release energy blockages that have been present and blocking your blessings

  • Come fully in alignment with your life purpose

  • Create a plan to end the year accomplishing more than may have ever accomplished

  • Take a deep journey within yourself unlocking your truest potential


  • Clear step-by-step strategy that allows stored energy to be released

  • Learn how to GOAL SET like the masters

  • The ability to tune deeper with yourself and honor who you are

  • Increase your awareness around the 7-Chakras

  • Release what is no longer serving you

  • Increased energy in your mind, body, and spirit

  • Sharpen your focus and discipline

  • Build sustainable long-lasting good habits

  • A concrete and fulfilling plan that will bring you results beyond your imagination


  • Intro to the program

  • Written and video explanations of how it works

  • An outline of materials that you need

  • Step-by-step guide instructions for each daily activity and exercise

  • Links to pre-recorded and live Q&A’s and weekly check-ins

  • Unlimited access for questions via email

Once payment is complete, please allow your plan to reach your email by Friday July 30th 2021.

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