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I recommend that most people start off at the beginner level of this nutrition program mainly because most of the nutrition information you’ve been given over the years is false, especially if you were told to cut down fat intake, eat baked sea food goods and drink plenty of bottled water in order to be healthy. If you are just starting or wanting to start out on your health journey then the basic nutrition plan is the perfect choice for you. The information provided within this plan is based on 100% natural resources. The benefits you’ll receive from purchasing the Beginners Nutrition Plan are:

  • Information on the best choices of protein

  • The carbohydrates that provide fuel for the body

  • Truth about fats

  • Beverage options that will speed up your weight loss process and more

  • Supplements that is crucial for your overall health

  • Techniques to help you cope with the transition into becoming a healthier YOU!

It is crucial that you read through each section to reap the full benefits for optimal health. Even though there is a ton of helpful information within this plan you must always listen to your body. 


The intermediate level is great if you have reaped the benefits from the beginning phase such as becoming aware of the difference in organic, non-organic foods, and insulin levels etc.

This level is designed to move you even further towards optimal health so that you can harvest all of the delights and pleasures that come along with occupying a healthy body.


This is the most challenging level of all nutrition plans here at, these recommendations will guide you to be the healthiest person you could be.

BE AWARE: Most people especially family and friends will encounter a cynical attitude thinking that you’ve gone too far. What you must remember is that you just know the TRUTH about nutrition and by sticking to this journey you will be a great example to those around you and hopefully they will aboard.

Two types of people that should get this plan:

  • Those who are TOTALLY committed to their individual health.

  • Those with advanced health problems

Customized nutrition

The Customized Nutrition Plan is one of the most highly requested plans here at due to it being customized to fit your needs. This plan will include basic information from the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Nutrition Plans here at By purchasing this plan you will learn how to weight your food for the correct portion sizes and meet your daily nutritional targets while indulging in the foods of your liking. You’ll be given a short questionnaire to fill out in order for Mecca to create your plan based on what you like. The plan will be available to you within 72 hours in a PDF version via email.

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