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10 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Have you ever came to a point in your life where you were tired of cheating yourself and you decided enough is enough and so you made the choice to take charge of your health and well being, but after you’ve been on this journey for a while you noticed little to no progress?

If you can relate to this then this is for you!

You think to yourself; I’m eating more fruits and veggies like I was advised, I’m hitting the gym lifting weights and doing extreme cardio, I’m drinking fancy sport drinks that I can barely pronounce but I’m not anywhere near my body goal.

Trust and believe I understand your frustration; in fact I was just experiencing this just two months ago on the verge to forming a sexy six pack. I was doing everything under the sun (or at least I thought) and this is what motivated me to do more research and experiments with my clients and myself.

I am pleased that I have come across known facts why our bodies are not shedding the pounds even when were doing everything we think we should and I’m eager to share this information with you.


Yes I started off with diet because this is one of the most important factors in being successful at not only losing weight but living an overall healthy lifestyle as well.

  • Too Much Carbohydrates- Carbs simply convert to sugar if you don’t have muscle, when you’ve built strength your body stores carbohydrates in your muscles instead of breaking down to sugar. So try cutting back on your carbs and see how your body responds.

  • Not Enough Protein and Healthy Fats- It is a total myth that in order to lose weight you must cut back on your protein and fat intake. In fact healthy organic protein and fats is what gives your body energy and fuel. The key is consuming the correct type of protein and fats.

  • Not Enough Whole Foods- The main reason we should eat is not so much for the taste but for the nutrients it provides the body and eating whole foods provides your body with endless amount of nutrients. Kale, spinach, broccoli, potatoes and carrots just to name a few are great whole foods but lose its benefits when heated. The key is to eat nearly 95% of your whole foods raw and uncooked.


It is completely normal for you to do everything right and still have the extra kangaroo patch in your midsection and this isn’t necessarily due to eating the incorrect foods but how it’s being stored. The main reason I wasn’t forming my sexy abs was due to my digestive system, my food was not processing correctly leaving me constipated with a flabby tummy. If this sounds like the issue why your not losing weight then I’d advise you to purchase Probiotics Dietary Supplements that has 30billion CFU’s on the label, it is best to take one in the morning and one at night on an empty stomach.

Internal Problem

In order to maximize the fat burning process, all of you body cells must be functioning correctly and anything such as a thyroid problem as an example would totally disrupt this. Be sure to get an updated medical report to be sure you don’t have any serious illnesses.

Too Much Sugar and Wheat

Sugar and Wheat is the devil literally! They are not your friends and will destroy you no matter if you do everything right, sugar & wheat will still hold you back. Not only does sugar & wheat dehydrates your body but it also ages you faster.There is nearly sugar and wheat is everything so the smart thing to do is read the back of your food labels. I suggest you cut it completely out of your diet or reduce your sugar and wheat intake, aim to consume no more than 25grams of sugar per day and I guarantee you’ll see a drastic change in your body.

Not Exercising Correctly

There are tons of exercise programs out there and of course we’d want to choose the one that we think suits us best, the one where we have the most fun and which we enjoy. Sorry to burst your bubble but in order to grow and see outstanding results you must step out of your comfort zone, your workout don’t have to be ridiculously hard but definitely not easy.

  • Lift Weights- Now if you’re a woman reading this I’m sure your sitting there cringing at the thought of lifting a simple 25lb dumbbell but honestly the only way you’ll get the body of that instagram model you admire is by including weight training in your workout.

  • Cardio- Everyone is different so the best advice I’d give you is to do cardio which gets your heart rate pumping and which allows you to sweat the most and you don’t have to run 10 miles to get the full benefits of cardio.

Binge Eating

This can be a problem even when eating foods that are healthy for you. You must understand that your body needs time to digest the food you just ate one hour ago so picking up a handful of peanuts just confuses your body and makes it work hard to digest the food. Make a schedule and try to eat 2-3 hours apart to allow your body to digest the food properly.


I’ve had a moment in my life where I was completely down, lost and depressed and this causes sever stress on my mind body. I continued to train but I was seeing little to no progress because our bodies are controlled by our minds and when your under stress your body stops responding. If your are having similar issues then I suggest the following:

  • Pray- Yoga, meditation or anything to focus on higher than yourself is very necessary when going through difficult times. You must put your mind at ease and understand that this too shall pass.

  • Relax- Go watch a movie, talk to a friend, get pampered or anything that doesn’t involve thinking too hard.

  • Care For Some Else- We all go through triumph times in our lives and it seems that we can’t help but to think and ponder over it constantly but when you make yourself busy making other people happy you receive happiness in return.


You may need rest. We are human beings, not machines and it is crucial that we power down and recharge in order to make progress and function properly. When you don’t give your body rest your muscles stop growing, in fact nearly everything stops growing so try to get at least seven hours of sleep per night.


Our bodied consist of 70% of water. Water is what not only keeps your cells thriving, your joints healthy but what removes the toxins from your body. It is easy to build up toxins within the body in which causes weight gain and the best way to remove nearly all toxins is to drink lots of water. The recommended amount of water to consume daily is 1 gallon but I’d suggest you go by how your body feels, If your thirsty then drink up.

Too Impatient

Look maybe you need to quit looking in the mirror and stepping on the scale everyday. Great things take time and nothing happens over night so be patient and allow your progress to do its job. Strive progress not perfection!!!

~Be sure to visit to receive further information on your customized fitness/nutrition plan.

“Don’t Allow Fear To Be The Director of Your Life” ~Mecca Freeman

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