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10 Techniques To Feel Unlimited

Updated: Jun 4, 2018


The body doesn’t lie. Body language was the only way of conversing with one another before humans created language as a form of communication. When you see someone sitting hunched over with his or her head down you automatically think something is wrong. Most if the time you are correct.

It is extremely important that you pay attention to your bodily movements. Unlimited individuals sit tall, walk with pride, hold their heads high and shoulders back. Your mind and body is connected and if you slouch then your body translates sadness to your mind and that’s what you feel.


I’m sure you have had moments where you thought a specific way about someone until they opened up their mouth. When you hear someone tripping over there words, speaking fast and loudly instantly comes off as insecure or manipulating.

When you feel unlimited there is no reason to rush what you have to say. Speaking with confidence is to speak with integrity, clearly and at a steady pace.


Now this has been an issue for many people cause you and I both know individuals who are more than AMAZING but everyone treat them like they are nothing. Sad to say that this is because our appearance is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. When you look good you feel good!

You don’t have to go out and break the bank or try to keep up with the Kardashian’s. There are many options you have such as stores in a local mall like H&M and Forever 21 where you can get super fly under $100. Another option is thrifting, thrift stores have amazing second hand items that will help you achieve the look you desire under $1 or less. The only advice I’d give is to be sure to wash and or dry clean those items.

Also don’t worry if you suck at putting things together, there are many online fashion experts and magazines ready to get you runway fly. Simply Google something of this nature: Pictures of fashion trends today.


Isn’t it extremely annoying when you’re around someone who is always running late, forgetting things and simply a wreck? It is impossible to feel powerful when it seems that everything in your life is out of order, you feel extremely confident when you have things in order and this doesn’t mean everything but the things that you are able to control.

The key is to organize the things that you can around you and it will give you the feeling to that your in control and able to take on more responsibilities.


Words are powerful and they have a huge affect on our mood and behavior. The first person that can either uplift you or put you down with words is yourself; you are your most influencing communicator. Think of someone who always says things to and about themselves such as: I’m fat, I can’t do that, I’m always late and I can’t afford that etc. I’m sure you realize why they aren’t living a prosperous life… Yeah you guessed right, it is because they feed bullshit to their minds.

Always speak uplifting and encouraging words to yourself at all times. Yes we all have times where we feel extremely down and our situation may not be the best but positive thinking is the key to overcome any obstacle.


Books are the answer to LIFE itself, I can’t explain in words how books have literally helped me and changed my life for the better. As the saying goes “Knowledge is POWER” couldn’t be any truer. The more you know the more confident you are in social settings, work, business and life overall.

It is best that you study different subjects to keep a broad context.

Books that I recommend are books on personal development and subjects in where you have weaknesses. Books give you the opportunity to connect with the world top leaders without actually sitting down and having a cup of coffee with them personally.


YouTube have saved my life and my bank account. Not only am I an active YouTuber sharing tips on things that I’ve learned but there are billions of other users who also share the same passion to help people. You can search any “How To” subject you could think of and learn by watching a video or listening to an audio.

I get it that reading isn’t for everyone so one way to learn is by listening and watching videos. The greatest tool you can use YouTube for is listening to audio books to advance your knowledge and I’m sure you understand the more you know the more you grow.


I’m sure you may have heard the saying “Your Health Is Your Wealth” indeed this is true. Food not only has a huge impact on how you look but also how you feel. There are plenty of delicious foods that we know are bad for us but we eat them anyways because of the taste. The advice I’d give you is to eat to nurture your body and not cater to your taste buds.

If you don’t have the knowledge of a perfect diet plan for yourself don’t worry, simply head over to, click on the “Health/Nutrition” tab to download your beginners or customized nutrition guide today.


What is sad is when someone doesn’t know why he or she is living. You and I have had this feeling where we wake up with no plan and just go where the wind took us but there is something special deep down inside you that gives you joy which should be your ultimate focus for life. Every unlimited individual have some target they’re aiming for in life, this is their purpose and when you have a purpose you have happiness.

Knowing your purpose isn’t enough, they daily grind is what will drive you to that happy destination and that only happens by setting and completing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. I highly recommend you invest in purchasing the book GOALS by author Brian Tracy or simply Google “How To Set Goals”.


Our society isn’t divided into several groups because people simply can’t stand one another but because individuals share different beliefs. There are many religions and then there is science, but no matter what you may choose you must have something that you believe in higher and greater than yourself. You must accept that you don’t know everything cause in reality we don’t. There are many stories of how humans appeared on earth but no one can say they truly know.

Everything is energy, so put good energy out into the universe and that is what you will get back.

“Don’t Allow Fear To Be The Director of Your Life”

~Mecca Freeman

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