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4 Reasons Why MONEY Cause Most People to Stress & Worry

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Worrying itself causes you to not have a piece of mind and if your not able to focus on the important things your body sends stress signals to the brain which in return begin to weaken your immune system causing stress and worry. 1. Not Enough Money and too Much Money.....The reason why most people may feel as if they don't have enough money is because they're lacking qualities which money can't buy. Once an individual is content with himself or herself the amount of money one may or may not have becomes less of a concern. If you have this issue of always feeling as if there's never enough money even though you have steady cash flow then I suggest you take a serious look at the things your doing on your spare time and whom you associate with. The more you are occupied with doing things that speaks to your soul your mind will not focus on the lack the amount of money you may have which will reduce your stress levels. 2. Money Is The Root of All Evil... In reality money is just an object that has no energy, as human beings we have the power to give things power or take power away from things depending on our thoughts toward that specific thing. Therefore money is not the root of all evil, it is what one does with his or her money which makes it good or bad. A man can spend money to feed a village or he can use that same money "paper" to buy weapons to destroy a village. If you feel that money is the root of all evil it may be because some people have changed negatively once their abundance increased but it's not the money itself more so the individual. Having the belief that money is the root of all evil blocks opportunities and blessings from entering into your life and when opportunities are not taken you lack personality in which interferes with your wellbeing because you may begin to feel detached from the world. 3. Using Money As a Negative Way To Gain Power... 80% of people in the world are having some sort of financial issues and some individuals that are in better positions that others which makes receiving what they want easier. Whether you want to be involved in the money flow of the world you don't have a choice because you need money for basic shelter, food, clean water and all the bare necessities that the average human NEEDS. Some individual whom are more well off than others have something that majority of the world want and need which they use to their advantage... Selling yourself to an individual or individuals for monetary benefits causes once to lose his/her self-confidence because you revaluing yourself while assassinating your character. 4. No ASSETS... We all dream of a life where everyday feels like a Saturday but unfortunately most of us have to wake up day after day chasing money so we can afford to make everyday feel like a Saturday. Most of us don't like the job that we do so it feels like a total pain to keep constantly getting up doing something which you have no interest in to gain money to spend it on things which you do have interest in. The problem is that pens too much time and money on the things that will not make a difference in our lives... Money is supposed to work for us, not the other way around...the key is to get assets in place where you'd be receiving money on a consistent basis with only having to do very little to no work at all. The fact of working your life away causes depression and sever depression can lead to death.

  • Listed blow is advice on how to escape the 9 to 5 and begin to acquire assets in your portfolio…

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