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Dealing With Jealousy

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

There will come a time in life when we look at someone else and feel as if his or her situation, car, home, relationship and life etc is just better than ours. This begin to stir up emotions of frustration and envy within us, most people wouldn’t call it jealousy instead they’ll use a lame excuse such as “It’s just something about him/her that rubs me the wrong way” or “He/she thinks he’s/she’s better than everyone”. No matter how you may try to dress it up or reword it, its pure jealousy.

I’ve always had “friends” become jealous of me and at first I thought to myself “Maybe its something wrong your doing Mecca” but in reality I wasn’t necessarily doing something wrong I just did it in an improper way. I never felt as if I was better than anyone or that anyone was better than me, what I always wanted and still want it to always become the best version of myself and as I continue to work on myself I thought others would be proud of me for this but that’s not the case being how you showcase your success and achievements.

There is nothing wrong with sharing what you’ve accomplished with others. Problems begin to occur when it comes off as if you’re bragging. This is harmful when you’re dealing with people who don’t have the resources that you’ve been blessed with because in their minds they may hold this belief that they’ll never have what you have and this begin to make then envious which leads to that person doing spiteful things to bring your energy down.

If you’re the individual who always experience others being jealous of you, here are 3 tips to use:

1. Give More Compliments

Think about those who’ve hadn’t had those opportunities you’ve had such as traveling, a healthy and loving relationship, a nice home and car and financial stability etc. When you have encounters with these types of individuals I suggest that you give then more compliments then they give you and the jealousy will eventually fade away. When we uplift and give others compliments it makes us feel better and we are viewed in a positive way to most.

2. Accept Yourself

I understand the feeling of having people frown at you when you come around and wait for you turn your back so they can start a negative discussion about you, it doesn’t feel great but its reality. Just accept that your fucking awesome and the people around you hating are just lazy minded individuals. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and even though most of our upbringing was different we all have access to the tools to better ourselves but most people just wont take the necessary time to do it.

3. Teach What You Know

The whole point of learning is to help advance those around you and you may have a ton of knowledge and being stingy with it. If I was that jealous friend that you have id be mad too because you may have information that can help change a situation in my life. So learn and share.

No lie I’ve had times just like you when I was envious of someone and began to compare myself to those people and started to feel small about myself. So if you are or have been the jealous friend I have a few tips listed below that will help you turn that jealous switch off.

1. Add Value To Yourself

Most of the time we become jealous of others because they have things that we don’t. Before you can reap the benefits of a luxury lifestyle you must first create luxury within yourself and what I mean by this is gaining the tools of the luxury within yourself. Build your character by becoming more confident, tackling fears, advancing in your career and always increasing your knowledge in different subjects. Only good things come out of developing yourself personally and when your sitting at the dinner table with the elites sharing your accomplishments, there’s no reason for you to feel jealous because you have a lot to offer as well. You become valuable!

2. Don’t Comparer Your Chapter 2 to Someone’s Chapter 20

We waste our time when we scroll down someone else social media page and start to compare ourselves to them when first off we don’t completely know there struggles and when they started something before us. It takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a professional at something and maybe you haven’t gotten to that point yet so keep rehearsing and soon you’ll be there.

3. Be Grateful

You woke up today and that’s enough to be happy about. So instead of walking around with a sad face while having a pity party in your mind how about you start to count your blessings. Its not that people don’t have problems because you whiteness them with a smile constantly but they rather focus on the positives instead of the negatives.

SMILE and be HAPPY!!!

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