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How Dependency Keeps You Broke

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

We all have had times in our lives when we were down and we needed a little help to get back on all ten toes, but sometimes that help that we received from an outsource may have made our situation worse than what it already was.

What is Dependency??? Dependency is a relationship between conditions, events, or tasks such that one cannot begin or be-completed until one or more other conditions, events, or tasks have occurred, begun, or completed. So in simple terms dependency is waiting for either someone or a third party but other than yourself to complete something that you need.

When you are dependent you’re playing the waiting game, the following list states the type of dependency most people are trapped in:

  • Government (Social security, Medical, Food assistance etc.)

  • Spouse (Financial need, basic living foundation needs, security)

  • Job (Paycheck & Security)

  • Organization (Many)

  • Friends & Family (Many)

Just like anything else in life we all need the opposite of something, you can’t have the good without the bad so therefore you must have some sort of dependency in your life.

The problem is that most people tend to get too dependent to the point where you have another source taking care of your very own responsibilities.

A business owner depends on his customers to make sales and by him/her making sales the business owner is able to make a living. But also that same business owner will put his/her money in places where it produces cash flow so that he/she doesn’t have to depend only on his/her customers for financial security.

When you become too dependent you become lazy, it kills your creativity and you start to pick up bad habits because you have too much time on your hands.

Most alcoholics and drug and sex addicts may have become that way due to dependency, when someone is taking care of you-you start to have no care in the world and your energy and self-esteem levels decrease causing you to seek energy in the form of alcohol and drugs.

Ask yourself: If “THIS” (and whatever THIS is) weren’t here, how would things be in my life? For example:If I stopped receiving social security from the government, how would my life change? If your answer is something of negative then you’re too dependent on that situation.

In order to be financially independent you must use the tools within yourself to thrive. No one can make your life a fairytale but yourself and as a human being you have been blessed with the ability to be creative and if you use it correctly you can go anywhere you’ve ever imagined.

Take charge of your life by being consistent on the things that will bring value to your life, yes it will be a challenge but your growth comes from trial and error. BE INDEPENDENT!!!


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