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How Social Media Controls You

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Have you ever found your self waking up and immediately grabbing your phone, computer or tablet and began to scroll down various social media sites such as: Face Book, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Vine, Snap Chat, and My Space just to name a few.

Waking up and immediately jumping on social media was never a plan you made to be apart of your morning ritual. However you also feel that your life is affected by it and you don’t know why…

Little do most people know is that social media has a huge effect on how we view ourselves, the unconscious choices we make and the un nurturing habits that we form….

There are several studies that show that human being are most influenced by what they see and hear so you can imagine why social media can become the director of your life if you don’t become aware and do something about it.

Here are a few things that social media does to your brain

  • Drains your energy. There is so much activity on different subjects while presented in different forms that is too much for your mind to capture at once. We are not capable of multitasking it is no such thing. So while you’re scrolling and you watch something funny the next thing you see or hear may have an effect on you and drive you into a sad and emotional state. I call this “brain scatter” because your mind is jumping from one thought or subject to the next, which in return drives you to become mentally tired.

  • Addictive. As human beings our character is a result of our unconscious habits. In a sense all habits are addictions because they provide certain stimulus in our brain, which makes us want more of we are engaging into. Just as a man can form a habit of engaging in physical activity everyday and in time become addicted for various reasons such a man can also become addicted to social media by engaging in such habits as well.

  • Detachment. Individuals who spend 90% of their time screen sucking on social media are weakening their social and communication skills. Lack of human interaction leads you to being in a really sad state that always lead to sever depression and unhappiness. One must understand that human interaction in the real world is very important in living a happy and fulfilled life.

  • FOMO. We all are going through something and we all have some obstacle that we’re trying to overcome however, when you jump on social media it could make you feel like the healthy route you’ve committed to taking in life isn’t enough. I call this “ Fear of Missing Out”. You must understand that what you chose for you is for you and it doesn’t matter if others understand. We are all different, be confident in YOU.

  • Compare. What is for you is for you and what missed you missed you for a reason. 99.9% of individuals on social media lives are nothing but a false reality, people post their best moments, the selfies with the best angles so its not worth feeling down based off of what you see because there’s always more to the story than what the bare eyes can see. Remember, pictures can say a thousand words!


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