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How To Build Your Confidence

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

What is Confidence? Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust! Confident individuals are sure and convinced that who they are and what they do is a fact… They BELIEVE in themselves! Studies have proven that most individuals who lack self-confidence in themselves are:

  • Less likely to get hired or promoted at a job

  • Sustain a healthy relationship

  • Succeed as an entrepreneur

  • Less likely to find TRUE HAPPINESS

  • Financially dependant

  • Unhealthy or Overweight

No one is born with confidence; it is something we gain as we go through life. Most people who lack self-confidence do so due to their environment and the individuals they’re around on a consistent basis. Many problems in one life may occur due to a lack of self-confidence, so I’ve listed ways in which would help you build your confidence: 1.Get Fly You don’t have to be a fashion stylist or look like a model that just walked off an New York fashion show runway, but you must find a style that make you feel important. There are many fashion resources you can use such as magazines and images on Google. When you are well groomed and you’ve taken time to perfect how you look you feel 1000% times better. 2.Change Your Physiology How can someone feel great about themselves if they’re back is always hunched over, head always hanging down and shoulders always pressing forward. You must stand tall, hold your head high and always sit as if you’re very important because in reality you are. When you walk, walk like your headed to pick up a check for one million dollars, be serious and strut honey. 3.Smile A smile goes a long way; whenever you feel down and you begin to smile you have no choice but to begin to feel better… If you don’t believe me try to be upset and smile at the same time, Id just doesn’t work. 4.THINK POSITIVE You can do all what I’ve recommend above but all of this will not effect you if you continue to hold negative thoughts about yourself constantly in your mind. All confident individuals speak positively to themselves on a constant basis. I recommend you search “Positive Affirmations” videos on YouTube.

  • For one-on-one life coaching from me, please email me at “Don’t Allow Fear To Be The Director of Your Life” ~ Mecca Freeman

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