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How To Get An Hour Glass Shape

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Ladies all too often we open a magazine and see this stunning woman on page 6 looking as if her ribs were removed from her midsection. Beyonce has been prayed up due to this new trend and luckily I’m here to help you with a few tips the will allow you to achieve such results. Now lets keep in mind that the X (Hourglass shape) is due to having wider hips/thighs and shoulders that precisely match the width of your lower body… So this look can be achieved by anyone even if you weren’t born genetically this way. Your Asking How? Now were getting somewhere! What you see when you see most individuals who are blessed with that amazing X shape is an illusion, That’s right I said an illusion. You’re Asking How It’s An Illusion? Well when you train (weight train) your upper and lower body to enhance certain muscles, it gives the illusion that you have a smaller waist because your hips, thighs and shoulders are wider than your midsection. But How Do I Do This? I’m glad you asked! First off if your not on a fitness journey, NOW is the perfect time to start because this is the only way you’ll achieve this look unless you go chose to get surgery which isn’t 100% safe and very expensive. Even if you decided to go the route of getting surgery you’d still have to engage in some sort of exercise to maintain the look. The best way is to start weight training and doing exercises such as:

  • Hip Adductor and Abductor

  • Squats

  • Leg Press

  • Dead Lift

  • Shrugs

  • Shoulder Press

  • Side Planks

  • High Intensity Abs Exercises

It is best that you hire a certified trainer and get on an 8-12 week training program or visit MECCAFREEMAN.COM to receive your customized plan today. All of this is great information but the best way to achieve the goal of having an hourglass shape all comes down to your diet. It doesn’t matter how many crunches you do or how long you wear your incredibly uncomfortable waist shaper, if you don’t change your diet to clean eating habits the X shape won’t happen until you begin to take what you put down your throat seriously. You can also head over to MECCAFREEMAN.COM for meal plans starting as low as $15. Thank You! Instagram: MeccaFreemanFaceBook: MeccaFreeman/WellnessCoachYouTube: MeccaFreeman


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