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Keys To Finding Yourself

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Keys To Finding Yourself

Let’s face it we live in a world where things and trends are always changing and at times we begin to see ourselves getting sucked in what is current.

As we continue to alter everything we do in life based on societies image we become unbalanced because there is no consistency that is taking place, and where there is no consistency there in no progress.

As we examine our lives and look at what we’ve done in the past 6 months to a year most of us begin to feel down because it seems as if we were everywhere but not where we should be because we honestly don’t know where we want to be.

The more we continue to let the world change our behavior and beliefs we start to lose our true identity and then one day we look in the mirror and don’t know what truly makes the man/woman starring back happy!

When we come to this point in our lives we must learn to re-love ourselves and below are a few keys to regain your true self…

1.Become A Child Again

Children have no fear, no limitations or insecurities when they are approaching nearly anything in life. Children are creative and tend to have the ability to focus 100% on any given task as if they are being hypnotized. This is very important because when you engage so deeply it releases endorphins in your brain and you feel a sense of satisfaction. Children LET GO and that is very important for you to do especially when you feel as if you lost yourself.

2. Turn To Your Gift

We all have a certain gifts that we were born with and this is what allows us to escape from the world in general. My gift is dancing; when I dance I disengage from the world and enter into my divine self. When you have something that you truly enjoy and it feels second nature to you as if you can do it in your sleep, this is your medicine that you must take when it seems that life is becoming too much to handle. This is who you are!!!

3. Accept

Accept EVERYTHING!!! We all wish something in our lives were better than what it currently is, and this feeling comes from the lack of acceptance. Things, people and situations are just what they are and there is no need to go crazy over something you simply can’t change. Even if you can change it you must still hold in your mind that what your going through will come to an end. Accepting yourself and everything around you will guide you to reaching levels of mastery and once you master yourself you’ve found yourself.


When you get in your car and you fail to get directions of where to go you get lost and end up on a dead end road lonely. This is how life is… You must have some sort of direction for your life or you’ll end up where you least expected it. The key is to create a year list of the most important goals in which you can accomplish within that timeframe. You become more active and creative as you go through life using the tools within yourself to bring more value to your life. You then begin to have a clear picture of what truly gives you that burning desire which is key to knowing yourself.


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