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Protect Me

Protection Oil

Protect Me



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My 2oz “Protect Me” protection oil was created with the intention for you to protect the only thing that you truly have…YOUR ENERGY. 


We are interacting with many different vibrations on a day to day basis as we come in contact with other human beings. We cannot control the frequency that other people are vibrating at but we can control one things…OUR OWN. 


And we can protect our energy from taking on the energies of others. 


This oil is intended to protect the user from low-vibrational frequencies, psychic attacks, evil intent and negativity.


What is in my “Protect Me” protection oil? 


Grape seed oil, Rub herb, peppermint herb, agrimony herb, nettle herb, cinnamon herb, lavender herb, rose herbs, rosemary leaves and black tourmaline crystals. 


The herb mix that I chose carries some very powerful healing properties and the black tourmaline crystals seal the deal charging the oil with protection. 


How To Use:


This oil can e used for a wide range of things. Simply shake the bottle and use for the following: 


  • Dab on wrist, temples, forehead, third eye, feet and and hands.

  • Rub on candle during ritual work

  • Add to water on alter for blessing

  • Add to foot soak or bath 

  • Add a few drops to you mop water to bless your floors 

  • Rub on hands during prayer and mediation

  • And many more….

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