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Yoni steaming also known as vaginal steaming has been performed for centuries in ancient healing traditions. The benefits provided by Yoni Steaming is on emotional, spiritual, physical and metaphysical level. The herbs used within our Yoni Power blend provide a limitless amount of healing benefits. We can ensure you that by allowing the steam from our herbal blend penetrate your womb will align you with the frequency of mother earth.




  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Increase fertility

  • Reduce menstrual symptoms

  • Decrease heavy intense menstrual flow

  • Assist in aligning all seven Chakras

  • Energetically remove negative sexual energies from the womb

  • Restoration of PH balance

  • Prevents BV, infections and odors

  • Reduce vaginal discharge

  • Promotes comfort in the uterus

  • Ease menopause symptoms

  • Aids in C-section recovery

  • Heals reproductive system after giving birth

  • Assist in healing hemorrhoids

  • Tighten vaginal walls

  • Increases moisture in the yoni

  • Detoxification of the womb and overall aura


IMPORTANT: Please understand that Yoni Steaming is not specifically for cleansing your yoni. The womb has a natural self-cleansing system. However, yoni steams aids in maintaining your womb health and for a deep cleansing when your yoni is in need for a detox.

Yoni Steaming 1 on 1

How To Steam At Home

DIY Yoni Steam Seat


I felt so calm and relaxed after my steam. 

My PH is back to normal after using yoni power herbal blend.

My PH is back to normal after using yoni power herbal blend.

I had the best sleep ever after steaming.

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