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More About How The Guide Works

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Please allow 24-hours to receive your guide via email

Hey Goddess, 


I am so excited about this. In fact it has been well overdue but as you know everything happens in divine timing. Throughout my journey I have had aligned with many healing practices and techniques that has allowed me to dive deeper within myself but nothing compares to the womb healing exercises I have aligned with. I did not truly experience the full essence of who I am and truly began to love myself until I cleansed and formed a connection with my womb. Within this “Heal HER Womb Healing Guide” I am teaching you the main tools, techniques and exercises that I use to heal my womb, keep my womb cleansed of negative and toxic energies as well as bacteria and soul much more.


Here’s What This Guide Will Do For You:


  • Form a deep connection with yourself 

  • Release blocked sexual and emotional energies 

  • Cleanse your womb and vaginal tract of bad bacteria and toxins 

  • Increase your feminine energy 

  • Tap deeper into the energy of love 

  • Help you to let go of emotions and traumatic events taking up space within you 

  • Calm you down allowing you to move with more ease and grace 

  • Increase your ability to focus 

  • Strengthen your pelvic muscles 

  • Tighten and moisten your vagina 

  • Release built up tension and emotions from your body 

  • Tap into a space of euphoria 

  • And soul much more…


What This Guide Includes:


  • Sacred womb dance flow 

  • Womb journal prompts 

  • Exercises to release the energy of past lovers from your womb 

  • Natural douche remedies 

  • Feminine tea blend recipe 

  • Herbal Yoni steam recipe and step by step instructions 

  • Crystals to increase feminine energy to work with 

  • Crystal elixer recipe

  • Womb healing guided meditation

  • Womb healing guided breath work 


This guide is currently on pre-sale for 48-hours. The guide will be released on Friday October 14th. Please allow 24-hrs to receive your guide via email. 

Please allow 24-hours to receive your guide via email

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