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Off The Floor

CBIH Presents, Off The Floor. An extension of our platform created by our founder Mecca Freeman. Confidence Builds In Heels (CBIH) is the iceberg, think of Off The Floor as the foundation. In CBIH we have created a platform where women are able to step into a room and confide within themselves through movement. Its physical healing. We use movement as a way to confide within ourselves but your confidence does not start nor end there. True confidence and alignment comes from deep within the seat of your soul and that is what Off The Floor is all about. Here in Off The Floor you’ll find tools, programs, resources that allows you to take the same formula we use on the floor and apply it to your everyday life off the floor. The galaxy of Off The Floor contains virtual mediation programs, goal setting programs, healing workshops, one-on-one coaching and much more. Think of it as a healing place, a place where you are able to truly align with who you are at core. We are eager to connect with you “Off The Floor”

Art In Seducing Your Desires

The Art In Seducing Your Desires E-Workbook (Your Story) (Instagram Post).png

Within this e-workbook we cover every area of your life from your nutrition, movement, relationships, spirituality, personal development, enviornment, career & business and fun & recreation. Included is a page dedicated to each area of your life with questions that assist you in determining what you must do both internally and externally to manifest your desires into your reality. Beforehand, we provide an exercise that assists you on getting CLEAR ON YOUR DESIRES. Because, what is the point in building on something if you are not sure of it? This e-workbook is perfect for anyone who is ready to:


  • Discover your life purpose 

  • Learn how to set goals like the pro’s 

  • Learn how to manifest the correct way 

  • Crete a vision for your life 


Confide In You Divine Feminine 7-Day Program

Confide In You (Instagram Post).png

This program was created for the goddess who holds the desire to dive deeper into her divine feminine energy through movement and healing. Within this program you’ll find a plethora of resources that allows you to strengthen the relationship with yourself through affirmations, movement, mindfulness exercises and so much more. The intention of this program is for you to realign and awaken your goddess energy to take that vibration and 

apply it to every area in your life. This program is perfect for anyone who is ready to:


  • Get consistent in moving and dancing 

  • Raise their vibration 

  • Increase their feminine energy 

  • Build a deeper connection with themselves 

  • Follow a mind, body & soul plan for 7-days straight


Monthly Membership Program

CBIH Membership OTF.png

Our CBIH Monthly Membership program is for that queen who wants to deepen her connection with herself, grow as an overall dancer, release beliefs that no longer serves her while being apart of a healing community. 


What The CBIH Monthly Membership Program Consists of:


  • Monthly dance tutorials dedicated to the particular focus of the month 

  • Guided journal work to release internal blockages related to the energy of the chosen focus of the month 

  • Guided mediation, affirmations and visualizations 

  • Monthly live Q&A’s


Why you should become a member:


  • You get choreography that is exclusively for members only 

  • You’ll receive discounts on CBIH pop-up classes, merchandise, events and virtual programs

  • You will grow as a dancer and overall soul being 

  • You get the opportunity to build connects through our members only facebook group 

  • You get to pick my brain monthly in our live Q&A’s 


Our membership program opens up in January 3rd and closes on January 6th. By pre-registering today you’ll receive $5 off of the original monthly rate of $25. All content will be available on January 1st.

Pre-Register for only $20 $25

Upcoming Events

Vision Board Party


Click the link below via Eventbrite to register and for more detailed information

CBIH February Class "Cincinnati, OH"

CBIH Jan 8th Anniversary Class.png

Click the link below via Eventbrite to register and for more detailed information

One-on-One Virtual Life Coaching 1-Hour Session

Heal her coaching.png

As many of you may know that our Founder and CEO Mecca Freeman comes from a wellness and coaching background. Before fully launching Confidence Builds In Heels, Mecca has worked as a healer and life & guidance coach. One day she realized that souls who we were apart of CBIH community needed the same thing and therefore opened herself to bring coaching to her dance platform. 


In our one-on-one virtual life coaching sessions with Mecca, you will gain the following: 


  • Insight on what is blocking your blessings and how to release it 

  • A formula specifically designed for you to release old childhood trauma 

  • Discover your life’s purpose 

  • A plan to move you from where you are to where you desire to be

To learn more about Mecca’s coaching practice, click link below.

Limited Time Offer 

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