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Childhood Trauma Course

It’s that TIME. 


It’s that time to truly face and leg go of that in which has been blocking your blessings for far too long. AKA. Your  CHILDHOOD TRAUMA. 


Honestly, trauma in general. Many people are becoming to realize that the experiences that happened to us in which caused dis-ease in our mind, body and spirits don’t just go away with time. 


Unfortunately, the body holds the energy of those experiences and if we don’t do anything about it then and there, then overtime we find ourselves walking around the planet with a dense pain body. 


And when you have a dense pain body that simply means that the pain you have endured has been so intense that you have unconsciously accustomed yourself to normalize the discomfort that you feel. And being in a state like this anything can trigger you to enter into a state of sadness, depression, worry, fear, anxiety and other emotions accosted with low-vibrational frequencies. 


And usually this is all due to the childhood trauma in which many of us carry that we have yet to address, process and release. Suffering is something that we allow simply by not doing the necessary work of turning within and cleaning up the energetic frequencies taking up space. 


Well, lucky for you because that is what this “Childhood Trauma Course” (CHT) is all about. This CHT course is a course that is broken down into three phases: 


Phase One: The Injury


Phase Two: The Healing


Phase Three: The Nurturing 


The content in all three phases contains written and video explanations that will guide you in effectively aligning with each exercise. The best way to dive into this course can be done however you prefer. However, I suggest that you block out a weekend and dedicate an hour or more per day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) to journey through each phase. Example: Phase one: Friday, Phase two: Saturday and Phase three: Sunday.


This electronic guide is on pre-order sale and will return to the original price the day that it is released on Friday September 2nd. 


If you are truly ready to release the main blockages in your life and put an end to walking around the planet so uptight in pain then this course if FOR YOU. 


It Is Time…

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Guide Will Be Released on Friday September 2nd

(You will receive an email within 24-hours of your purchase) 

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