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What's Inside This Guide

Meditation literally saved my life. 😫 I’m not kidding. 


I was raised in an extremely poverty stricken      environment with both parents constantly incarcerated, being molested, having my dad pass away during my teens, battling with alcoholism for 10-years, sexual addiction, compulsive lying, manipulating my way through life, dyslexia and the low-vibrational ways of living goes on and on. 


However, I turned my entire life around and can proudly thank mediation for this. The cards that I was dealt were not destined for me to win. I literally wake up everyday and do what I love and whatever I want. I have unshakable faith and am so at peace with myself and my life. During my eight years of meditating, my reality is now:


  • I’m an international speaker 

  • I own and operate two beautiful businesses 

  • I am in healthy partnership 

  • I am living my dreams 

  • I am an author of two books and working on my third one 

  • I am going on 4-years alcohol free 

  • I have read over 150 books and combated my dyslexia majorly 

  • I am very calm, positive and loving 

  • I am anxiety attack free 

  • I am a healer 

  • The list goes on and on


Here’s what this guided consists of:


  • 7-Days of easy to follow guided mediation practices 

  • Information and insight on the seven energy centers of your body that deals with your overall well-being 

  • Crystals that help with curing specific chakras 

  • Video and written explanation of how it works 

  • Preparation list

  • Unlimited resources 


Here’s what this guide will do for you:


  • Guide you into getting in alignment with yourself 

  • Build a relationship with your soul 

  • Strengthen your focus and concentration 

  • Assist you in building patience 

  • Release low-vibrations such as anger, depression, fear, guilt, anxiety and negative thinking.

  • Allow you to let go of what no longer serves you 

  • Help you discover your true life purpose 

  • Guide you in healing your heart 

  • And the list goes on & on :)

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Please allow 24-hours to receive your guide via email

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