"Well, I’m just like you!"

I’ve been lied to, cheated on, financially BROKE, dependent and busy being busy but not going anywhere...

Yes we all dream of a life where we’re the superhero, where we have all the money, knowledge and power to do ANYTHING POSSIBLE. Little do we realize is that we must continue to do PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT if we truly desire to become our GREATEST selves.

What is Personal Development? Personal development is a life long process in which we aim

towards the main goal of SELF-ACTULIZATION through Safety, Self-pleasure, Confidence,

Love, Verbal Expression and Meaning!


It is my mission to guide you in becoming the greatest version of yourself. Here at Meccafreeman.com we aim to empower you to take charge of your overall well-being through personal development, natural healing and consistent movement. If you’ve ever dreamt of a life

where being financially free, well-balanced and emotionally in control then you’re in the right place.

MeccaFreeman.com is about:

  • Authentic Information

  • Becoming Aware

  • Creating REAL Financial Freedom, not the rubbish they teach us in traditional education

  • Connecting with your inner-self

  • Finding Your Life’s Purpose

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Reaching Your Full Potential

  • Actions you can take NOW to become an EXTRAORDINARY you

  • Increasing your family, friends and sexual relationships

  • Becoming a MAGNIFICENT you

  • Living a healthy lifestyle

  • Becoming Balanced


Apart from connecting with your beautiful soul through online business I am mainly located between the United States and London, England. I travel frequently throughout the world hosting and speaking at various empowerment and networking events.

Thank you for visiting the site, take a look around...You may like what you find. :)



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