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Ready To Take Your Life To The Next Level?


One-On-One coaching is focused on providing our client with the individualized attention he or she needs. Here at Mecca our mission is to lead you to becoming the most phenomenal version of yourself.  One-On-One sessions with the owner Mecca Freeman herself are held via Skype or telephone depending on individual specific needs.

Together we will create a vision for where you want to be in business and life, while also developing specific plans to get you there and enhance your leadership skills along the way.


An experienced, trained, reliable and dedicated coach. 

An in-depth diagnostic questionnaire

An individual coaching session via Skype or telephone

Specific and realistic action plans

Professional guidance and accountability

15-30 minute free consultation

A behavioral assessment

FREE Bi-weekly updates in between sessions during our work together

Access to coaching tools

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FREE Discovery Call

Initial 15-30 minute assessment of goals to determine where you are,

where you would like to be and the best coaching package for 

your specific goals.



One-60 Minute Coaching Session


3 Month Action Plan on 1-2 Areas of The Wheel of Life 

Additional Coaching Sessions


3 Month Action Plan on each additional 1-2 Areas of The Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life Areas

Money Career and Business Development

Spiritual Development

Relationship Development 

Fun and Recreation Development 

Fitness Development 

Nutrition Development 

Environmental Development

Personal Development

What Is The Cost?

One-on-One Coaching Via Skype: Prices range from $150-$500 for one-on-one coaching, depending on your specific coaching requirements. Exact pricing will be agreed during FREE 15-30 minute discovery call.

In Person Coaching: Prices range from $200-$1,000 for in person coaching, depending on location and specific coaching needs. 


Here at Mecca Freeman International we focus on Career Development, Health and Fitness coaching. Group coaching is an amazing way to gain support among clients, employees and peers. This also allows each individual to have more time to reflect, to learn from others and to come to a decision as a unit. Group Coaching prices may very depending on location, total amount of clients and sessions. If you or your company are interested in-group coaching please contact us at: with subject “Group Coaching” or fill out the form on the right.

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