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Welcome to the coaching page of the site where you can book personal calls and video chats with me. To learn more click the link "Learn More" below.


Pick My Brain Session Description

Hey, love do you have a question or maybe tons in which you feel that I can offer guidance and advice on. Well, this "Pick My Brain" session is just for you. No topic is off limit. Relationships, spirituality, men & dating, meditation, removing negativity, investing or whatever.


I have been through many phases and seasons of my life to the point where I've accumulated mind blowing experiences and every phase served me and make up the woman I am today.


I am sharing my insight and lessons I've learned along my journey that have helped me throughout my transitions.


I kindly ask that you refrain from recording any material during our call as it is strictly prohibited. I do not mind you taking notes but recording is a big no no.


Anything that you share with me is 100% confidential and should be the same way on your end.


We will simply jump on a call via phone for an hour unless you book for a longer duration.


I can't wait to chat with you. :)


Here at Mecca Freeman International we focus on Career Development, Health and Fitness coaching. Group coaching is an amazing way to gain support among clients, employees and peers. This also allows each individual to have more time to reflect, to learn from others and to come to a decision as a unit. Group Coaching prices may very depending on location, total amount of clients and sessions. If you or your company are interested in-group coaching please contact us at: with subject “Group Coaching” or fill out the form on the right.

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