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What Is Sound Healing

Meet Mecca...Mecca Freeman is a speaker, author and wellness coach. Growing up life was not always a pleasant experience for her due to being raised in a very poverty stricken environment within a dysfunctional family. From having both parents incarcerated to battling with sex and alcohol addiction did not stop Mecca from striving for greatness.

Along her spiritual journey Mecca discovered Sound Healing. The life changing affects from sound healing encouraged her to dive deeper into the life of sound which lead her to where she is today as an Experienced Sound Healer.

Coming from the bottom and evolving into who she is now, Mecca is a firm believer that anyone who wishes to break free from defeating behavior can do so with sound healing and supporting strategies


 Mecca currently carries out her mission in empowering others to become the greatest version of themselves through downloadable self-help products, books, coaching, sound healing and online at The Mecca of Mastery Tv Show (Via YouTube).

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Author, Speaker and Wellness Coach

Sound Healing Major Benefits

Remove energetic blockages within the human body

Provides ease, flow, happiness & love by

reducing stress

Provides deep relaxation

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