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Manifest The Life You Desire

So if you’ve been following my journey for a while then you know that I’ve had a very interesting journey and my start was extremely rough. Actually, it was traumatizing as fu*k however, ya girl turned all of that around. From being:


  • An alcoholic since age 14

  • Exotic dancer for 7-year 

  • Habitual manipulator and liar

  • Poor and lacking mindset 

  • Dyslexic 

  • Fearful asf 

  • Told that if I don’t slow my role I was approaching diabetes when I was 19 

  • Failed lover after lover 

  • Sexually irresponsible 

  • And the list goes on. 




When I began my spiritual journey and learned about manifesting, I turned my life around and now my story sounds like this:


  • I’ve lived in another country for over three years (London, England) as well as other states with in the USA

  • I am three years sober of alcohol 

  • It’s been six years since I stopped exotic dancing and I’ve been running my own business and taking care of myself with my business income 

  • I am one year sober of mary jane 

  • I am an author and in the mist of publishing my third book 

  • I am a healer 

  • I am a international speaker

  • I run my own dance organization built from the ground up 

  • I am healthy beyond imagination 

  • I am in loving and healthy relationship 

  • I travel a lot 



And guess what… I MANIFESTED ALL OF THAT. 


But, there’s something that I specifically do when I manifest what I want and I’m so happy to share it with you. For the next 48-Hours my “Manifestation Ritual Guide” will up and available for purchase. 


I PROMISE YOU that when you apply the information from my Manifestation Ritual Guide that you will manifest anything and everything you could ever desire into your life. 

You only have 48-hours to grab this guide and then it's GONE… 

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